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Online Test Portal – Use Effectively : Online Test is an effective way to promote your institute and become at par with the top performing instates of the country. However, just using the Online Test platform is not going to solve the purpose. Using Online Test Portal effectively is the key to success.

Following points must be kept in mind to achieve 100% utilization of your Online Test Portal:

Use Mobile App along with the Online Test Portal

Most of the coaching institutes think that using only Online Test Portal can solve the purpose of making their institute Online Test enabled. However, using mobile app along with Online Test Portal is more effective and worthwhile. Even if it costs more, it is very important to use mobile app. Using a mobile app increases your online presence and the same is displayed on the Google Playstore.  Not everybody has a computer or a laptop, however, in today’s world, everybody has a smart phone. It is more convenient for a student to access his smart phone and spends most of the time there. A mobile app makes it easy for the institute to connect with its students. Test series available through mobile app can be accessed by the students on the go and can use it as per their convenience and availability of time.

This is the reason why it is very important to have a mobile app along with an Online Test Portal.

Use Online Test platform outside of your institute

The Online Test Portal should not just be used within the institute, but also to students from other institutes and those who are not studying in any coaching institute. Students can rate your mobile app and it is visible to everyone and not only the students of your coaching institute. Students studying in your institute as well as those not studying in your institute can download the mobile app. They can also rate the application, which will help promote your institute.


Use free Test to promote your institute

Institutes generally pay for Online Test Portal for the students who study in their institute. They usually do not provide the access of the tests to students outside of their coaching institute. This is not a good practice. Online Test is a very effective tool to attract students to become a full time student of your institute by showcasing them your services. Not all students are able to visit your institute or take the free demo class that the institutes offer. This is a very effective and a powerful way to keep the students associated with your institute even if they are not a paying student.

Use free Test to collect data

Every institute offers free demo class to students to showcase their teaching capability and their preparedness for the competitive exam. This helps the students to decide the best coaching institute for them. This method of free demo class not only helps the institutes to showcase their teaching capabilities, but also helps the institutes collect data of the students who can be later approached for various courses that they wish to prepare.

Similarly, the Free Online test offered by the institutes through their online test portal and mobile app, not only helps promote their institute, but also helps them get the data of the students outside of their institute. Students would register on the online test portal for free test which would provide the institute with valuable data of the students. These students can be later approached to enroll for full time courses with the institute.

Integrate payment gateway

Most of the coaching institutes use the online test series within their institutes for their won students. The hardly try to attract students outside of their coaching to through their online test portal. Institutes can earn a good amount by selling tests through their Online Test Portal and mobile app. Online Test platform enables the institutes to sell their test series across the country by simply integrating a payment gateway in the online test portal and mobile app. By doing this,  they can not only sell their test series across the country, but also establish them as a brand in the online marketplace. This is a parallel source of income for the institutes which bring them free branding and most importantly, add value to their institute.


Create Your Own Online Brand

Online Test Platform is not just a medium to for students to practice tests online, but it is in itself a symbolic of the coaching institute. It is a brand that promotes your institute and helps you gain mileage in promoting and marketing. Appropriate promotion of the Online Test Platform helps the institute to establish themselves as a brand and gain mileage through it. The promotion and marketing of the Online Test Platform is very important as it is a strong marketing medium like other mediums such as bulk sms, pamphlet distribution, posters, hoardings etc.


Reward best performer of the week

Rewards and prizes encourage people to participate willingly in any event. Best performing students should be rewarded from time to time to keep them motivated to use the Online Test Platform.


Use the right Online Test Platform

Using the right Online Test Platform is very important. One should always take into account the following points before signing up with a service provider-

Online Test Platform with a mobile app

Free test for users

Sectional tests

Topic wise tests

Chapter wise tests

Current affairs

Test based on latest pattern

Latest exam notification

Option to upload your study material

Option to provide your videos through the Online Test Portal and Mobile app

Solution for each question

Rank comparison for students

Readily available tests for all courses

Facility to get your tests uploaded

Notification to students

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