Online Test Portal – Parallel Income Source

Online Test Portal – Parallel Income Source : Coaching institutes, in 95% cases, use the Online Test Portal and Mobile App for the students studying within their institutes. The students, studying in their institute are able to practice the tests from the Online Test Portal and Mobile App. Like the coaching Institute, Online Test Portal and Mobile App is also a very important source of revenue generation, if used effectively and smartly.

You must consider the following points to generate revenue from your Online Test Portal and Mobile App :

Payment Gateway Integration

No matter what price have you paid for your Online Test Platform, you should always ask the service provider to integrate your payment gateway. The payment gateway helps you to sell your tests online across India. This not only increases your reach outside of your area, but also helps you establish as a brand.

You should always ask the service provider to integrate your payment gateway so that what ever sales happens online, the money comes in your bank account.

Also, you also must your service provider to create various packages (for eg SSC CHSL Test Package, SSC CGL Test Package, IBPS PO Test Package, etc) and keep a price of your choice. For example, if you are paying Rs 200 for a test package to your service provider, you should keep the price of the package depending upon your reputation in the market. If you think that you have a good reputation in the market and you can easily sell the 200 Rs package in 400 Rs, you should price it accordingly. In this way, for each sales, you earn a 200% profit through the sales of test packages.

Conduct Online Test in your Lab for students not studying in your coaching

You must provide a platform to the students, who are not studying in your coaching, to be associated with you through your Online Test Platform.

If you have a test lab, with computers, you must allow outside students to practice online test and pay for the same. This can not only become a parallel source of income, but also strengthen the brand value and reputation of the institute in the market.

We must understand that Online Test Platform is a very strong medium in today’s world and must be used in the best way to maximize output.

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