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Online Test Portal – Importance – It is a competitive market and every coaching institute is getting themselves equipped with the latest methods to provide the best guidance to students to get selected for government jobs. To compete with the big institutes in the market, and to be a part of the competition, coaching institutes have to have the latest teaching techniques and online teaching and test series platform for their students.

Students anyways practice online test from some or the other online test portal, the coaching institutes should provide them online test series portal and mobile app to practice test series online.  This not only helps the students practice test from your own portal, but build confidence of the students in your institute.

Online test series is very cost effective as compared to offline test. Where an offline test paper costs approximately 3 Rs per student, the online test costs 75 paise per student. Also, once offline exam is completed, it has to be checked and them the result is to be announced, where as the there is no need of checking the online test, as the result is displayed on click of a button along with the solution and comparison with other students. More importantly, the time students spend on each question and section is calculated which helps the students work on the weak areas.

Online Test Portal – Importance should be realized by the institutes. The cost that goes in marketing and promoting the institute using pamphlets, the online test series portal can be created in a much lesser price and is stronger tool of marketing and branding the coaching institute.

Coaching Institutes must understand that in today’s competitive and growing environment, one cannot remain aloof with the digital world.

Hence we can conclude Online Test Portal – Importance has to be understood and must be implemented.

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